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Welcome to the GreySheeters Anonymous Podcast for compulsive eaters. If you have a problem with food we may be able to help you. This podcast has been recorded to discuss the fundamentals and basics of GreySheet abstinence. We support a vigorous and positive attitude towards GreySheet abstinence which we define as three weighed and measured meals a day from the GreySheet with nothing in between but black coffee, tea or diet soda. If you’re interested in knowing more about GreySheeters Anonymous please go to our website at

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Ep. 5 - Dating in abstinence

Monday Jul 31, 2023

Monday Jul 31, 2023

In this episode we explore the trials and triumphs of romantinc relationships, while navigating the challenges of the GreySheet program. Join our guest couples, Stephanie and Victor from Texas, and Peggy and Jackson from Connecticut, on this heartfelt journey to find love, support and sef-discovery.

Monday Jul 31, 2023

In today's Episode we speak with Annette from Oregon, and  Ronnie from Long Island, about how hard it can sometimes be to tell people what we do to stay abstinent. Join us as we share insights and empowering tips for conversations about following a food addiction program with friends, family, colleagues...

Sunday Jun 11, 2023

Today's topic is the Newcomer Experience in GreySheeters Anonymous. We'll be exploring what we remember when we first came into the program.

Ep. 2 - Can’t stop eating

Sunday Jun 11, 2023

Sunday Jun 11, 2023

Today's episode tackles the big question: Am I a compulsive eater? How would I know? Is there a 12-step program that could help me?

Saturday Mar 11, 2023

Welcome to our first episode! We are very happy to launch the new GreySheeters Anonymous Podcast.

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